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Better Angels

‘Better Angels’   – a 90-min theatrical documentary film written & directed by two-time Academy Award-winner, Malcolm Clarke, produced by William Mundell & Han Yi, - examines the proposition that America and China can benefit enormously by looking beyond their traditional rivalries to a future in which differences are respected rather than suspected – and where both sides focus on the issues that unite them, rather than those that drive them apart.

Produced over three years, shot on four continents, made with the participation of three US Secretaries of State;   ‘Better Angels’   explores one possible future for the relationship between the world’s two undisputed superpowers.

For much of the past 2000 years history has demonstrated that whenever an established ‘superpower’ is confronted with the challenge of a newly ascendant ‘rival’ power, almost inevitably the outcome was conflict and war. But with China’s extraordinary rise during the past 25 years the world has witnessed a newly emergent ‘superpower’; an economic colossus fully capable of challenging and even eclipsing the US in the years ahead.

The fundamental questions posed in   ‘Better Angels’   are deceptively simple; ‘How should the US react to a newly ascendant China?’ And ‘Is it possible that the 21st Century could witness the very first time in history that two competing superpowers, each pursuing its own agenda of self-interest, might peacefully co-exist?’ Can we imagine a future in which the US & China overcome their economic rivalries, ideological challenges and cultural differences in favor of an historic accord that could underwrite an era of peace and prosperity in the wider world?

‘Better Angels’     features compelling encounters with some of the world’s most iconic thought-leaders in the arena of Sino-US relations; Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright & Kevin Rudd - and from China; C. H. Tung, Cheng Siwei, Ronnie Chan & General Qiao Liang – all of whose observations frame intimate portraits of educators and entrepreneurs, farmers and factory workers, movie moguls and small town mayors; all of them reaching out across the physical and metaphorical distances that separate two countries and cultures, each one learning more about their counterparts, colleagues and competitors from that other country – half a world away.

‘Better Angels’  , a Canada/China/US Co-Production - exploring how two great nations might not merely co-exist, but might complement each other for the greater mutual benefit of both sides in the years ahead.